Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabric shopping, quick dinner recipe, changes on the horizon!!!

So I managed to get out today in the arctic cold and my car started after laughing at me for a minute! I bundled up The Divine Miss M, strapped her in the car and off we went for our trek into the big city! We left the woods and ocean behind us and headed in to Mimis house!
With my impending "going back to work" date quickly creeping up, we have to get this little baby ready to behave for someone else and become accustomed to something other than a boob as nutrition. Although if you look at all 24 lbs of her you would never know she prefers the boob juice over just about anything else!
Anyway, I dropped "TDMM" off at Mimi's and I went to find some fabric.
I have a boat load of ideas flooding my brain and very little time or money to complete them. The only place in this one-horse town to get affordable fabric is a, to describe it?....a wholesale, liquidation, department store? I'm not sure it deserves any of those labels, but it really is an awesome place once you get used to it. Marden's its my home away from home, my cheap shopping adventure!

So, first on the sewing agenda:
A dress for me. I just recently made a convertible Infinity dress that I found on Rostitchery's blog. Its an amazing concept and is SUPER expensive if purchased from a regular retailer

The Rostitchery Version

Mine is a longer A-line version, as opposed to the circle skirt in the Rostitchery version.
Here is a picture of my first attempt:
I love the dress, and the fabric, but with my post baby curvy figure, I'd feel more attractive in a more simple fabric pattern. So I have decided to make my new one in a black skirt/white top! I think it will look very elegant and much more figure flattering for me.
Here is the fabric I bought today:

The skirt fabric is a bit more structured, its made for dress pants and has some stretch to it, the top fabric is a beautifully drape-y cotton jersey knit. I think it will make for an amazingly wrap-able top!
Now I need to find some shoes and jewelery to wear....whats a diva to do??

I will leave you with this for the evening, "TDMM" will be stirring soon so I best be making my way to grab a few moments of sleep!
I will hopefully have some actual tutorial type posts of my infinity dress tomorrow!

Signing off
 The Domestic Diva

PS. I promised in my title a quickie dinner recipe! I must not disappoint!
Tonight we had Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos, they are always a hit in our home!
So here ya go!

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos
2-3lb boneless pork roast
2 taco seasoning packets
2/3 c Chicken or Beef broth
2/3 c water

Place all ingredients in your slow cooker. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.
Once cooked use 2 forks to "pull" your pork apart.

We pan fry our tortillas for added fat to our daily intake most often, however, this evening for lack of time I preheated the oven to 350 and placed them directly on the oven racks for about 3-5 minutes, it made for a yummy warm and slightly crisp tortilla to wrap up your pork, refried beans, and taco toppings in!
I hope you enjoy =)

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