Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sew-a-long Blog-a-thon!! Week 2

So here I am! Have you all missed me? I have completely slacked off on my blog this week. I started working outside of the home again, and I am slowly trying to catch up and figure out how to continue doing what I love, care for my home and family and work! Whoooo am I tired.
Any way, here is week two of the Sew-a-long Blog-a-thon, we decided to do something for Valentine's day or pajama's. My sewing project started out as pajama's but I think that I have created a shirt for "TDMM"
to wear tomorrow for Valentine's day!
I chose the fabric because I LOVE it! So Valentine's day is about love, right? Its not hearts and flowers but it's pink and adorable!
You wanna see?

Here ya go!

Its an adorable little 3/4 length tunic with a Yo-Yo flower on top. The fabric is paper dolls!!!! I used to play with them as a child and had to buy this so "TDMM" could sport a little nostalgia for her momma!
I can't wait to get her into it tomorrow!

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