Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew-a-long Blog-a-thon!!

So I'm a member of the Babycenter online community and through one of my favorite groups a bunch of us, thanks to Angie, have decided to start a Sew-a-long and then blog about it, primarily so we all stay motivated to sew and so we don't neglect our blogs!
Anyway, the first project was a choice between a crochet hook roll-up or a sewing machine cover. Since the wonderful Domestic dude purchased me a rolling sewing machine case, I didn't need the cover! I do however have a sister who crochets, does this mean I can finally call her a "hooker"? Hmmm, I'm not sure she would like that so much!
It is my pleasure to share with you, without further ado, my crochet hook clutch:

And there it is. In all its wonky glory!
She didn't know I was making this for her, but if she is reading this then she knows now that I've stitched her a little something.
Fortunately this will also double as a submission for another motivational blog project I'm involved it! The 12 Month Sewing Challenge! So head on over there and take a look, I'll be submitting this for the February "Make something for someone you love" challenge! Don't forget to vote for me!!!

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