Thursday, February 24, 2011

Becoming an adult and a better mommy?

So I've been missing in action and I apologize, I even slacked off on my "Sew-a-long Blog-a-thon" last week! I feel like a failure of craft....
But alas, I am here and I am taking a moment to share my musings with you for the day.

So, I guess a little back story of the Diva Family is in order.
The Domestic dude is currently the main bread winner in the family and has been for the past year while I was trying my hand as a stay-at-home Diva. Until just recently where I am working part-time and trying to figure out how to juggle family, work and me, with my hobbies and crafts.
Well, let me tell you, it ain't easy!
Up until almost a year ago, we were a family of 3. We swiftly became a family of 6, and by swiftly I mean in 3 months.
"The Divine Miss M" was born on March 2nd '10, "SBD" moved in on Easter '10, and our oldest "The Teen" moved in around the middle of May '10. So "Beanpole" had the brothers he asked for and the sister he never wanted!
So to say the least I have been, at times, struggling to figure out how to be a mom to an infant, a wife to "The dude", mom to "beanpole" and step-diva to the teen and SBD. I will not say it has been easy, and we have had moments where I thought the wheels were falling off completely, somehow we have made it almost 1 whole year and everyone is still alive and mostly intact!

 Through this growing and learning period, I have become a very different parent to TDMM than I was with Beanpole. When I had him I was a very young and inexperienced 19, I relied primarily on my parents to raise him and he was a sad, confused little boy. There are days when I wish I could have been the mom to him I am to TDMM. I just hope that he still loves me when he is grown and I didn't completely mess him up!
Now, I am a mature seasoned mom and I have found a parenting style I never knew existed. Its called Attachment Parenting.
Essentially its parenting by instinct. I follow her cues and do what my heart and body tell me is right. I don't follow the "rules" or someones Pediatrician.
I wear my little girl.
Our "Faux-by"
I breastfeed.

I feed her table foods and have since she was 6 months, following somewhat of the baby-led weaning style of feeding.
I cloth diaper, for what I feel is best for her, our family finances and for the environment. Unfortunately, it has become somewhat of an addiction.....
Is that not the cutest damn diaper you've ever seen?

I have nursed her to sleep and we have co-slept. I feel that if she needs it then it's what is right, for us.
I give much thanks to the Babycenter community for many of my parenting choices and changes.
If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.
I feel like TDMM is and will be a more confident and independent baby/child/adult than she would have been otherwise. She loves new things, she likes to be "scared", she knows I will always be there for her, and she knows I will always come back if I leave her.
Does she tend to be "clingy"? Sure, but what baby doesn't. Do I mind? Not really, some days when I'm trying to get things done it makes it a bit harder, but I do let her fuss for me a bit, I don't just pick her up with every whimper and whine. Sometimes she has to work things out for herself, don't we all?

Anyway, I just felt like telling you a bit about us, hopefully it gives you something mildly interesting to read while i try to figure out when and what I'll be making next!


  1. You go girl! I can bet you have one happy little girl! :)

  2. 02;2;February I am more proud of you than you will ever know! You Rock!